Exploring Health Care Opportunities Through Job Shadowing in Boise, Idaho

Gaining experience in the health care industry is essential for those looking to pursue a career in the field. Job shadowing is one of the best ways to gain insight into the day-to-day operations of a health care professional, and Boise, Idaho offers a variety of job shadowing opportunities for those interested in exploring health care careers. The Summer Health Academy is one such program that provides guidance and practical training on patient care and promotion at hospitals in the Naperville and Elmhurst areas. High school students can also take advantage of the Youth Volunteer Program at Williamson Medical Center in Nashville, which offers teens ages 14 to 18 the chance to work with patients and their families and explore potential careers in health care.

The Boston BWH offers summer internships that open up healthcare careers for students, the Student Success Jobs Program, which offers mentoring, and the TEACH Project for tenth grade students enrolled in partner schools. The Health Careers Summer Internship Program provides high school students with the opportunity to explore career options, learn about hospital systems, and talk to professionals. The Health Occupations career exploration camp offers high school students from South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota the opportunity to research careers in health on the North Dakota State University campus. Designed to interest third and final year high school students, along with graduating seniors, in careers in health, the SIH Summer Internship Program includes courses in nursing and other fields related to health care. Based on their professional interests, they pair them with professionals who show students where they work, share details of the work, and allow students to glimpse a “day in the life” at Micron.

The Presanitary Careers Corps engages students to learn about careers in health and supports them during college with volunteer positions, career support, internships and financial resources. Madison Memorial Hospital also offers training for all positions, in addition to exploring a variety of health-related careers. Job shadowing is an invaluable experience for those looking to pursue a career in health care. Boise, Idaho provides a variety of opportunities for those interested in exploring health care careers through job shadowing programs. From summer internships to volunteer programs, there are plenty of ways to gain insight into the field.

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