Unlock Your Professional Potential in Boise, Idaho

Are you a professional looking to acquire new knowledge and skills? Boise, Idaho offers a wealth of professional development opportunities to help you reach your career goals. CWI Workforce Development (WD) provides the perfect platform to quickly gain the skills needed to secure employment and internships, as well as retrain for a new one. Boise State's continuing and professional education programs and courses offer job-specific training to help you prepare for or advance your career. Idaho's public schools also provide community education programs that allow Idahoans to explore new things through formal training. The University of Idaho at Boise offers first-rate undergraduate and graduate education, as well as professional development for practicing professionals and community education through 4-H business incubation and extension initiatives.

Carrington College in Boise offers the Dental Hygiene Program, which provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care. The BSU Emerging Leaders program provides a unique path through the MEd program in early and special education, with a focus on early childhood education, leadership in the field and applied action research. Carrington College in Boise also offers the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, which helps teach the basic skills needed to become a PTA. The Dental Assistance Program includes classes in anatomy, physiology and radiography, sealants and dental procedures, as well as reception and patient care tasks. The Master's program in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis on child development provides a unique career path, focusing on leadership in the field of CEPE. Boise, Idaho is the ideal place to unlock your professional potential.

Whether you are looking for job-specific training or exploring new things through formal training, there is something for everyone in Boise.

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